Home Renovation

Intelligent Lighting

At Verve Property Services we provide an outstanding and professional gardening service, all supported by our friendly team.
We can provide an affordable and effective solution to all of your garden problems, from transforming your outdoor space
to general tidying up and maintenance.

Lighting To Suit Your Mood And Activity

Whatever you use your space for, make sure that you have the most suitable lighting in place to add to its look, both practically and aesthetically. Lighting nowadays is about so much more than just illuminating an area; mood lighting, LED energy saving bulbs, intelligent coloured or dimmable lighting that changes with your activity or time of day, all of these and much more can be achieved. If you want lighting controlled remotely or even from your mobile phone, all of this is possible. continue reading

Beautiful And Practical

Our lighting experts will take the time to find out what you use your space for and then help you decide on what type of intelligent lighting you would like in each area; whether for work or play, lighting of the right type fitted correctly makes a world of difference. Go to sleep with beautiful subdued and dimmed lighting and wake to a natural bright and white light that will make you feel ready to face the day. Family rooms, baby nurseries, teenage hang-outs, dining areas and bathrooms; all will benefit from a lighting facelift, enhancing the look of your home and providing lighting that is elegantly practical.Contact our lighting experts now and ask about our FREE intelligent lighting appraisal. continue reading